Gaming Controller W10

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Product Description

Handle button integrated eating chicken artefact Support the rapid running in the wilderness operation, bring you another experience At the same time support wilderness action, Jedi survival, glory, CF and other mainstream games A new handle that you haven’t experienced before It is a tactile game controller, touch-screen device that gives gamers a good tactile feel. You can use highly sensitive devices on the Apple iPhone, any smartphone game. Currently, it can be used on about 140 Apple iPhone and Android games. It is made of special materials and can be securely clamped to the surface of a portable telephone. It can be easily removed without leaving any scratches or residue. It can be cleaned and can be reused many times. This Mobile Gamepad is a chicken-assisted artefact, supporting a 4.7-6.5-inch screen phone, and feels good. Improve shooting speed and accuracy~