Microphone “BK3 Cool sound” wireless karaoke mic

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BK3 Cool sound KTV microphone V4.2 with reverberation effect 1800mAh battery for 5 hours of use TF card support

1. Microphone material: ABS + aluminum alloy.
2. Size: 235*88*88mm. Weight: 285g.
3. Speaker diameter: 45mm.
4. Wireless version: Wireless V4.2JL.
5. Battery capacity: 1800mAh, the 18650 battery inside can be removed, the charging time: 3 hours, music playing time: 5 hours.
6. With KTV reverberation effect, this music microphone can connect to the phone via Wireless, which supports TF card playback, and the maximum capacity of TF is no more than 32gb.

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